Demonstrating “BREXIT Resilience” to shareholders and customers needs to be done now, not in 2 years time.

Companies exposed to risk from BREXIT are preparing to report this risk and provide evidence of resilience and business continuity arrangements to shareholders and customers.

Watch this programme to hear financial and business leaders from Ireland take you through how they have become one of the strongest centres for international businesses needing a base in the EU.

Programme Chair

John McGrane

The British Irish Chamber of Commerce

John McGrane


Anne Heraty

President, Ibec

Anne Heraty

Mary Buckley

Executive Director, IDA Ireland

Mary Buckley

Roland O’Connell

Chairman, Savills, Ireland

Adam Donoghue

Partner, Maples and Calder, Dublin

Ian Cooper

Partner, Lockton Companies LLP

Aidan Scollard

Corporate Audit Partner and Head of the Brexit Committee, Grant Thornton

Stephen Mullin

Director, CPL

John McGrane

Director General, The British Irish Chamber of Commerce

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Impacts of BREXIT

“If you are a foreign institution hubbing into Europe from London, you really have no choice other than to think very quickly and carefully how to replicate the access to Europe that you would lose once the UK leaves the European Union.”

Douglas Flint CBE
Group Chairman, HSBC

10th January 2017

“I am talking about not just the clearing jobs themselves, which number in the few thousands, but the very large array of ancillary functions, whether syndications, trading, treasury management, middle office, back office, risk management or software”

Xavier Rolet KBE
Chief Executive, London Stock Exchange

January 2017

Event Speaker Profiles

Benefits of Watching

Understand why Ireland is already chosen by many major non EU companies to be their EU base and how it integrates well with London

Benchmark your business research and preparations on BREXIT and hear the case for Ireland

Hear what Ireland has to offer as a key location option for locating staff and functions within the EU

This programme brings together business and policy experts from London and Ireland to answer your questions and dilemmas around legal, financial and business regulation, including passporting, in financial services.

Successful international financial businesses need a pool of talent, professional  supply and support services, reliable technology and flexible business and employment laws, whilst meeting the wishes and choices of key staff and their families.

Explore Ireland’s Partnership Potential

Hear from Ireland’s leading speakers on regulation and location options for BREXIT

Hear from international business leaders based in Ireland on the employment, business and taxations environment which work for them in Europe

Hear about possible transition arrangements, pass porting, equivalence and other permutations which might emerge from BREXIT negotiations

Look at necessary preparations for a Hard BREXIT, and demonstrating resilience and preparation to shareholders and customers